Volunteer for JCS

Volunteers contribute to the agency by cooking for congregate and mobile meals; facilitating senior programs; helping on Christmas day at the North End Soup Kitchen; and serving on committees and the Board Of Directors.

The Jerry Schreiber Volunteer Recognition Award was established in 2001 to recognize outstanding JCS volunteers.

JCS Needs Volunteers to help set up tables and serve meals at our Senior Lunch Program at Temple Beth El. We also need people to help preparing meals. Please call us at 810-767-5922. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

For further information, contact Jewish Community Services:

Phone: (810) 767-5922
Fax: (810) 767-9024
e-mail: jfcs@flintfed.org

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary Aides & Services Upon Request TDD (810) 233-4242.